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Welcome to a page about me, here you can find information about my work, my education and work history, and my passions.

If there is anything more that you need to know about me, please don't hesitate to contact me via email. 

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My Story

I grew up in a town just outside of Glasgow in Scotland. I am extremely proud of where I come from as I truly believe that my interests and passions wouldn't be the same had I grown up anywhere else. 

I had an interest in music and art from a very early age, first learning how to play piano when I was just 5 and then picking up a guitar for the first time when I was 7 years old. I now play bass, guitar, ukulele, sing, and I'm learning how to play the piano again. I am passionate about live music and have been going to gigs since I was just 4 years old, having the experience of live music for so much of my life has truly shaped me into the person I am.

I have a song released on various platforms currently and am hoping to release more in the future. I utilise my very basic producing skills in order to do this and am very competent when using audio editing software (i.e. ProTools).

I also collect records and am incredibly proud of my collection and the connections I've made through this hobby. 

My love for art shows itself in different ways. Literature, fashion, and traditional art forms are among the most prominent in my life, and in my spare time I try to better my own capabilities with different mediums and by engaging with art. I am always looking to better myself through engagement with art and literature.

My Work

The work displayed on this website is a result of several years of academic, personal, and professional interests and a constant search for improvement and understanding of the mediums I am using and the industries I am approaching for roles.

I am a hard-working, ambitious, and meticulous individual.

I am a musician and an artist, and am becoming more confident with graphic design, photography, and editing as I go through my masters degree and connect with new people. I have extensive experience in customer-facing roles and know how to work with any and all kinds of people. 

I hope to gain a role that allows me to use this experience and understanding, as well as my passions, in order to begin and maintain a long-lasting career. 

I hope that you will help me on this journey, even a connection is worth so much.


I have an undergraduate degree from the University of Edinburgh, MA(Hons) Scandinavian Studies. I chose to study this degree subject as I have an affinity for language learning, cultures, and communication. 

This degree was pivotal in making me a confident and capable individual who can adapt to any situation. I studied abroad in Oslo, Norway from 2019-2020 and returned home when the pandemic first began, going on to finish the rest of my third year and my entire final year from my room. This has made me eager to explore and get stuck in to my next role as I want to be able to expand my knowledge and understanding of cultures and industries through practical work and the pursuit of a long-lasting career. I am now competent in both standards of Norwegian and have basic understanding of Swedish, Danish, and German, as well as an interest in improving these languages and learning more. 

After taking a year to save for a masters degree, I began studying for my MLitt in Publishing Studies at the University of Stirling. I will complete this degree in September 2023 after submission of my dissertation. I chose to study Publishing Studies as I believe it has a large number of valuable and transferrable skills that I can apply in any business or industry. I am also focusing my dissertation on the understanding of the role of brand marketing for individual authors. 


I have been working since the age of 16. My first jobs were in retail and customer services and they helped me greatly when I left high school and began university. 

Upon returning from my year abroad, I started working in a supermarket for a year during the pandemic. Once I graduated from my undergraduate degree, I looked for full time work to improve my basic skills and understanding of needs in the workplace. This lead me to working as a hotel receptionist, and from there my career goals evolved. I left this role to begin working in the hospitality industry and quickly learned how much I enjoyed making cocktails and doing mixology. I unfortunately had to leave this career behind due to health and wellbeing concerns.

After leaving my hospitality roles in 2022, I worked hard to understand where my priorities are and what kind of role I see myself making a career in. This is what lead me to choosing Publishing Studies as a masters degree, and understanding the kind of industry I would be passionate about working in. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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